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Can certain foods make a baby in the womb clean?

Many pregnant women who want a baby in the womb grow up with a net in the womb. So it is not uncommon of most pregnant women, pregnant women looking for food that can make a baby in the womb clean.

Actually, research on food to make a baby in the womb clean already done several times, from various studies were not obtained on a special diet of pregnant women who can make a baby in the womb clean. However, from some of these studies note that some foods that can help keep the uterus remain clean, and clean it if necessary womb baby in the womb it will look clean too. The pregnant mother's diet include:

Young coconut water
Young coconut water containing high electrolyte substance believed to be able to make a clean uterus and is able to prevent pengeruhan in amniotic fluid. Young coconut water is also good for the health of pregnant women.

Green beans
Green beans that contain vegetable proteins are very good for the health of pregnant women, in addition to green beans also contain substances that can help clear amniotic fluid. Crystal clear amniotic fluid is one of the babies in the womb clean.

There are also other factors that can help clean the baby in the womb, including:

• Drinking lots of water. Since water is the high mineral excellent hygiene to keep water in the womb.
From some of the above discourse can be seen that there is no specific foods that can make a baby in the womb clean, because the main factor that greatly affects the baby is clean or not genetic factors of the parents. Foods that have been studied only hygiene can help keep the uterus, where the cleanliness of the womb can also affect the cleanliness of the baby in the womb.