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Pregnancy Fetus At Age 7-9 Months

Entering the fetal age of 7 months, verinix fatty substance covering the entire skin of the fetus in the uterus, causing the fetus to be warm and not directly in contact with amniotic fluid. The surface of the brain has begun to form wrinkles and nerve cells covered with fat that is useful as an intermediary messenger stimulation to the nerve endings of the brain. According to health experts, the age of 7 month fetus in the uterus until the baby was five years old is the golden years for brain growth.

Sunday twenty-five, as early in the third trimester fetus. The fetus suffered up to 700 grams of weight and body length ranges from 22 cm. While the distance between the top of the womb or uterus to the pubic symphysis approximately 25 cm. Indications of hypertension can be seen at this age. twentieth week six, the surface of fetal skin grows more perfect. The size of a head start to adjust to body size. Fetus now weighs 850 grams and about 24 cm long.

Heart rate more clearly between 120 to 160 per minute. Sunday twenty-seven, the eyes of the fetus begins to open and circulate the view for the first time. Fetus now weighs 1000 grams to over 35 cm length. Sunday the twenty-eight, fetal weight 1100 grams with a length ranging up to 38 cm. The sex started to complement its function. At the age of 7 months fetus, the membrane covering the eyeball is slowly fading.

For a second month in the third trimester fetus that is 8 months old, at twenty-nine weeks, weight increased to 1300 grams with a length of 40 cm. The whole organ enters the final phase of completion. Sunday thirtieth, fetal weight of 1600 gram range. The fetus had fulfilled all the space in the womb. The position of the mother's stomach began to fall away from the chest up to an inch of the finger. The fetus is beginning to learn the language simple, especially given the mother. Fetus enjoy the music and stories that were read. Sunday the thirty one, length 43 cm and weight babies 1800 grams. Entering the age of 8 month fetus, the fetus is only able to bend the legs and put his chin on his chest to fill the increasingly cramped womb space. Sunday the thirty two, the fetus reaches 45 cm long and weighing up to 2000 grams. Cycle fetal activity began in tune with mother. The movement became more active baby to exceed 350 rounds per day.

Entering the age of 9 months is a time of childbirth preparation, because it has entered the final stages of the third trimester. The fetus reaches perfection of functional organs. In this month's normal fetal weight is around 2.5 - 3 kg with a length of 46-50 cm. baby's head has descended into the mouth of the uterus. The condition of the mother's abdomen was getting away from the chest. At the age of the fetus entering the 9 months 10 days, was ready born into the world.